Living in Arizona!

Living in a 55-plus community in Arizona, I expected to see tract houses, desert, and a shades of brown. That was certainly true when we moved here in October 2021. Western hospitality included our across-the-street neighbors bringing us cold Diet Cokes as we pulled in “Patty Penske,” our truck, and our dusty Camry.

Yes, there is desert brown and beige, but so much more.

What I have found is brilliant blue sky with clouds painted like porcelain, sunsets that fill your spirit, and wildlife everywhere.

Driving out of my neighborhood yesterday, I saw a coyote run in front of my dusty blue Camry near the dry gulch, I call it, at the intersection with University. That’s not my first coyote sighting. They’re living here with us daily.

Sitting on my back patio at night, I watch the hummingbird nest. The other day, Mama Hummingbird buzzed close to my face to check out the human sitting quietly close by. She didn’t seem interested in sipping from my wine glass.

Every morning, I see Gambel’s quail, dove, cardinals, and red finches. flitting around my backyard. The pigeons are a bit of a nuisance. They tend to drive the smaller birds away when I put out food for the hungry bunch.

The rabbit family comes out at twilight. My daughter’s Maltipoo I’ve named Fluffy Butt visits and barks ferociously but the rabbits know she’s behind the glass and ignore her.

I’m ghostwriting two books from my conference table in the Arizona room which is an air-conditioned sun porch. From there, I can look up, watch the birds, and grab for the elusive word that fits on the page.

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