Adventures of Mother of the Bride


Jacque Hillman, author, publisher, entrepreneur

“Adventures of Mother of the Bride: How to Keep the Bluebird of Happiness Flying” is a series of columns, hilarious, poignant and loving, about a mother’s experience with her daughter’s journey to the perfect wedding. MOB knows whaAMOBcoverpic-2014t to do when the bridegroom snores and when the budget has been left in the dust.

Why is it that the perfect wedding gown can only be found at midnight and shared in a text?

All romance is wonderful in movies and cards, but the reality is someone — as Joe Walsh sang it — cleans up the dog poop in the yard.

And horrors! What to do when the white roses arrive the day of the wedding dead in a hot truck.

The Mother of the Bride’s job is to keep that bluebird of happiness flying through the wild winds of love and chance.

Look for Vol. II of Mother of the Bride stories as told by many moms!

Share in the story of love’s roses and thorny moments at



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