Our Authors

  • “Cap” Charles Gunner Morgan at Sea. By Charles Morgan, Houston, Texas. Written with Jacque Hillman. Coming in 2018. About the “Man Who Started the Spanish-American War.”
  • “Echoes & Footprints” by Harbert Alexander Sr., Jackson. Tales of Tennessee  history. Coming in October 2017.
  • “Jocie’s Stories” by Jocelyn Wurzburg, Memphis. Memoirs of a nationally known civil rights activist.
  • “Tilted” by Nancy Hall, Trenton, TN. A novel about a young Southern woman who kills a brutal rapist and walks north to Tennessee to begin her life anew and faces a threat to her life. A novel of redemption.
  • “Katherine Grainger” by Jennifer Rawls, Nashville. Coming Winter 2017. A widow — with help from friends and family — stops grieving and decides to run for political office.
  • “Monument to Healing: Two Soldiers and the Good Death, 1862, 1914” by Charles Cox, M.D. with Spurgeon King, Ph.D., Jackson.
  • “Soldiers, Saints & Sinners: Stories of Long Ago,” Harbert Alexander Sr.
  • “The Vote,” Jennifer Rawls, Nashville. Novel based on suffragists’ battle to pass the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920.
  • “Ray Blanton and I,” Shorty Freeland, Adamsville. Twenty books left. Collector’s edition.
  • “Angel Disclosures,” Ted Brooks, Hendersonville.
  • “A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to Heaven,” Roy Sanford, Atlanta, Ga. In progress.
  • “Gut Check,” John Potts, Phoenix, Az. In progress.
  • “Serenity Gate,” Jesse Hillman. In progress.
  • “Adventures of Mother of the Bride: How to Keep the Bluebird of Happiness Flying,” Jacque Hillman. Ebook. Published.

The projects above have been published or are in the writing and editing stages.

These projects are in progress with authors who are busy writing:  True crime, romance mystery, historical romance, young adult, dog stories, poetry, nature photography, and more history.

“I’ll be in Havana, Cuba in September researching more about my grandfather, Charles Gunner Morgan, who was married to Vivian Warren, daughter of Jerre J. Morgan, the ‘Sugar King of Havana.’ I’ll also be researching more in Key West, where Gunner Morgan lived for some time and worked with Thomas Edison, creating torpedoes for the U.S. Navy,” said Charles Morgan of Houston, Texas.

“I try to write 4,000 words a day,” said Jennifer Rawls. “I’m at work on five writing projects. My new characters for my next novel are just pouring out of my brain.”

“I am thrilled to be finishing my most recent book, ‘Echoes and Footprints,’ and I look forward to signing books in October 2017,” said Harbert Alexander Sr.

“Right now I’m on third edits of some chapters, selecting photographs and discussing cover concepts with my editor, Jacque Hillman,” said Jocie Wurzburg. “The hardest part is knowing when to stop writing.”

We hope the words just keep flowing! Thank you to all the talented writers who have come our way and to those we have yet to meet!