About Jesse Hillman

Jesse is a former newspaper publisher and editor, who also freelanced for 25 years. As a travel writer, his works on Shiloh National Military Park were published at The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. He is a senior partner in The HillHelen Group, where he guides book projects to completion.

He writes books, such as his children’s book, “Rusty, The Wonder Dog,” coming out in Fall 2020. He is working on his sci-fi novel, “Leisure Suit Larry and the Blue Notes.” He is a skilled photographer, whose work has been publicized on websites, newspapers and magazines.


Jesse G. Hillman

Jesse has been employed by companies such as Teledyne Total Power, FedEx, and the Marsh McLennan Companies. During his career with these businesses he worked as an applications programmer, server administrator, senior network administrator and regional technology manager. This gives him particular insight in editing technology projects. He is retired from IT.

He is a member of the Military Writers Society of America and the Independent Book Publishers Association.

He has a particular interest in physics and astronomy, and his first science fiction novel based on black hole theory (time travel and romance) will be published in 2022.