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Intriguing sci-fi: When an author creates a great premise and fulfills it in his book

I have this great author I know well — my spouse and partner in life, Jesse Hillman. Back when we dated 27 years ago, he shared his sci-fi romance novella with me that he wrote in 1976 anticipating black hole theory as explained today. I loved his concept then, and I love it now. So it’s time for him to publish it! If I nag our other authors to write, write, write, I can do no less for my own partner! He has loved quantum physics and space travel for years. Now he shares that knowledge in hiBookcollogo3-2014s book. But he’s also a great romantic. I am the one he brings roses to once a week. Yes. I am fabulously lucky in love.

So here’s his opening: “Upcoming sci-fi author: “Caught. Victims in a side show. No pitchmen here, no third-rate circus barkers, just a bone-crushing merry-go-round that let them whirl close enough to death to glimpse it before they were whisked away. Perhaps they had a moment of longing, wishing they could just be done with it. The only certainty for centuries was that the ship and its passenger were caught. To the Sentient Leviathan Serenity and her pilot Jonathan Grieves, life had contracted to about 97 seconds, 97.5 seconds, actually.”

Caught forever? Then the story would be over, wouldn’t it? Find out more… later.

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