The HillHelen Group LLC

Services we offer in 2019

Basic Rate: $50 per hour (with two to three editors)

Nonrefundable fee: $500 to reserve our services. Hours worked are applied against this fee.

The basic rate includes, but is not limited to, these services:

  • Developmental/contextual editing and line editing: 3 to 5 pages per hour.
  • Layout/books: 6 to 10 pages per hour.
  • Cover design: 5 to 8 choices presented to the author.
  • Layout e-books.
  • Researching.
  • Transcribing: $1-plus per minute average. Cost depends upon recording quality.
  • Interviewing for an author to flesh out the author’s book.
  • Ghostwriting: 3 manuscript pages per hour. With author content available.
  • Selection of print-on-demand printing company based on best estimates of book price.
  • Strategic book marketing plan.
  • Photo releases.
  • Your agent approaching traditional publishing houses.
  • Your public relations manager for our Speakers’ Bureau, if this is in your skill set. Not every author is a public speaker.

Other services:

  • Author website development. We will design and set up the website, then train the author to run the website, their free author pages on Amazon, IndieBound and GoodReads, and handle their social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Note: For authors unable to manage social media, websites or basic computer operations, such as logging ID, changing passwords and simple search operations, we will discuss other options.

  • Promotional materials: Includes logos, postcards, bookmarks, press kits, posters, banners and a CD or flash drive with your media presentation.

Power Point to use with your book presentation. These are designed at the standard rate of $50 per hour. Cost of materials, printing/production added.

  • Photography: Rate based on project requirements.
  • Illustrations: Rate based on project requirements.
  • Videotapes for your website.
  • Audiotapes for your website.
  • Copyright to Library of Congress. Submission fee and time.
  • Layout/newsletters: 2 to 4 pages per hour based on complexity.
  • Audiobook creation.

For a few select clients, we offer concierge editing. We will come to your home, interview you, help you plan and outline your book, write the book for you and handle all other details.

All clients sign a contract with us with terms settled upon between the author and The HillHelen Group LLC. We offer a clause that allows the author to immediately cancel the contract in case of illness or financial reversals with payment due for only the most recent hours worked. We also offer a clause passing ownership of the manuscript to the author’s heirs, in the event of the author’s death.

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